Ms. Russell’s Happiness Report for Saturday, 2/18

What is a “Happiness Report“, you ask? Well, I had a particularly happy day today, and I also decided that I wanted to have the latest article on my website for now be a happy one. I do have a few articles coming up which I will be posting in the next couple days, but I felt like doing this now, so here we go! Here are some trivial but nonetheless very happy things that have happened in my life over the past couple weeks.

Last week in my Music Theory 3B class, we were playing Key Signature Bingo. One of my students got a Bingo, and I said “Okay, since you won, you get to choose what music we listen to for the rest of class.” I was expecting her to say her favorite game (that’s usually what my students do if they get to choose) or a movie or a pop singer. But she said, “Can we listen to music that you composed?” Uwaahhh a shot straight to the heart! I was so honored. Not only did she remember that I’m a composer, but she actually wanted to listen to my music. It felt so nice to hear that.

Today, in my Music Theory 2 class, I was playing a couple “Relaxing Pokémon Music Compilation”s from YouTube while we did some key signature exercises. One of my students asked what we were listening to, and I said “Oh, this is the theme from Newbark Town, from Pokémon Gold.” A little while later someone asked what the new track was, and I said “It’s Accumula Town, from Pokémon Black and White! That’s my favorite Pokémon game.” One of my 10-year-old boys said, “Wow, you know more about Pokémon than I do!!” He seemed very impressed.

After many weeks, my Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius OST arrived in the mail! Expect an unboxing video soon… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Pokémon GO just released a lot of new Pokémon from Johto! As it is one of the first ever games I played, I am very much looking forward to catching some Pokémon that I first met in Gold version about 18 years ago! :3

I went to Target today to buy some eggs and tissues, but also bought a Pokémon beach towel. The cashier probably thought it was for some kid I knew. Nope, just for me. I am very excited about my Pokémon towel.

That’s all for now. Life is filled with happy moments. Cherish them ♪

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