Update: New Project – Wise Not Withered

Thanks to everyone who has been following my website since I first started it back three years ago in March of 2016! I have not been as active on here recently, and that’s because I am focusing my efforts on a different endeavor right now.

My current project is called Wise Not Withered, and its primary goal is to expand representation of middle-aged and elderly women in media. It started out as an initially angry effort to get more representation of older women in video games, but we’ve expanded that to include other types of creative media as well.

The first part of the project is a Podcast, where I’ve been interviewing wise women in my own life. After posting the first ten episodes, I will expand the interviews to include women who I’ve sought out and met through the connecting power of the internet and social media!

The second part, which is happening concurrently, is a Global Collaborative Project. I have been recruiting writers and illustrators from all over the world to help me write stories and make illustrations for 25 original characters, all who are women at least age 40. You can check out a bit of the progress we’ve made on my Wise Not Withered Instagram page.

With 25 original characters representing women ages 40 to 103, the mission of the Wise Not Withered Global Collaborative Project is to show through inspiring stories that women of any background can still be learning, growing, and adding richness and relevance to their communities and society as a whole, even into middle age and beyond (outside of just the essential yet typical nurturing grandmother role).

Here’s one of the characters, 79-year-old Tsalo-Sesha Serena, or Real-Life Mother Nature:

Once the stories and illustrations are complete, I will then begin recruiting voice actresses and composers to bring the characters to life even more!

This project is definitely unlike anything I’ve ever done before, in terms of what exactly I’m doing, and because of all the people I’m recruiting to do it with me (100 total)! Please follow my WiseNotWithered Instagram page and website for updates.

I might post occasionally on here, but for the next couple years I will be focusing most of my efforts into Wise Not Withered! Thanks for reading and hope to see you on my other website… ♪

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