DTA.01 – BF & FF:BE / Main Menus

“Summoner” vs. “Moment of Recall” (Main Menu Themes)

The main menu music to a game could be considered a flagship piece of sorts, and in games like Brave Frontier (BF) and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (FF:BE) even more so, with so many playable options within these menus. Whether you’re checking your daily tasks, fusing or evolving units, or using precious in-game currency in hopes of summoning that newly released unit, this main menu music accompanies all of those endeavors, and in turn sets the tone for the entire game.

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New Series ~ DOUBLE-Track Analysis – Brave Frontier & Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Collaboration

Games currently playing: Brave Frontier, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Two of my favorite mobile games, Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, both announced last week that they’re doing another special collaboration! They had this cross-over last year, and I’m happy that they’re bringing it back, with new additions in both games (new units, and new evolutions, woo hoo!).

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