Pokémon Gold & Pokémon HeartGold — A Musical Comparison

Pokémon Gold Version was the first video game I ever really got into, back in 2nd grade almost 20 years ago. It’s been a really fun experience to go through the remake of my first game, meeting new characters that were added, seeing the insane upgrade of graphics, and listening to the remixes of all the music. In today’s article, I’m going to be sharing some of my thoughts about said remixes, and talking about the differences that I observed between Pokémon Gold and Pokémon HeartGold.

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Instagram Live! Legend of Zelda songs featuring Sydney from SmartGamePiano

I’ve been more active on Instagram lately, and had the pleasure of being a guest on my friend Sydney‘s live stream earlier this evening, where talked about two Legend of Zelda pieces: “Great Fairy Fountain”, from Ocarina of Time, and “Song of Healing”, from Majora’s Mask. Here’s a brief recap of what we covered in our hour-long stream!

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Whimsically Theoretical is 2 Years Old! + Updates

Hello everyone! I am so happy to announce that Whimsically Theoretical is officially 2 years old! Last year in 2017, a lot of really great things happened, as well as a ton of new challenges… Read on for the 2-Year Anniversary update! 😀

I was on a roll in the first half of the year, completing two series focusing on mobile game music (check out my 30-article “Single-Track Analysis” series on Kingdom Hearts Unchained/Union Cross, and “Double-Track Analysis” series on Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius), an in-depth analysis of Breath of the Wild, as well as conducting seven more interviews with fascinating composers from different parts of the world.

In March of last year, I decided to pick up another teaching job, while my other classes were starting to subside for the school year. In August, I picked up another two programs within that new school I was teaching at, and in September, I started teaching at one more elementary school, in addition to the one I was already at for three days a week, and picked up another set of classes on Monday evenings after an already pretty full morning/afternoon… Long story short, I was teaching seven days a week between August and December. I didn’t post for a while on my website here because I was honestly so burned out and exhausted from teaching every single day, seeing over 800 students a week, going back and forth between five different schools…

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE teaching. I adore children, especially when they are smiling and singing and dancing with me. Nothing has ever before filled my heart with so much joy. But never again will I teach seven days a week. Heck, I don’t want to do ANYTHING seven days a week, other than basic human necessity activities. If you are someone that CAN do something seven days a week, then good for you! It’s simply not something I want to do again.

As my teaching hours start to dwindle this year, and as I am dropping some classes and schools for good, my schedule will be freeing up significantly later next month, which means more time for playing and writing about video games, and composing more music!

In the last few months, I’ve been getting more focused on my own music. As some of you may know, in addition to being a music teacher and video game music enthusiast, I am also a composer! I graduated with a B.A. in Music Composition almost 4 years ago, but got a bit burnt out toward the end of college and haven’t written much music since then, focusing more on teaching and writing.

But recently a small, slowly-growing fire has been lit, and I am preparing to release some music under a new name sometime in the next few months. I have been a composer for 13 years—half of my life!—but only very recently have I gained the confidence in myself and my compositions to finally make the decision to put together a collection of my very personal pieces and release it in an album format. I had posted a bit on soundcloud before, but didn’t really advertise it too much, fearing judgement from others.

This summer, I will be releasing my first album, about 17 tracks total. There will be 13 solo piano pieces, which I’ve written over the last thirteen years, and 4 piano/vocal tracks: 3 of which will overlap/share the same title of solo piano pieces, and 1 which is entirely new (written just last year).

I have been posting some previews of my solo piano pieces that I’ve written over the years on Instagram—if you haven’t watched the videos yet, head on over to my Instagram page and check it out! I will be posting updates on Instagram as well as here on my website, so please stay tuned! ^_^

This year, I also will not be doing nearly as many interviews. This is not at all to say that I won’t be doing any more at all, but for now I am taking a break! I want to sharpen the focus on my music and my writing.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for news about my upcoming album, and follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook to get more daily updates! ^_^ ♪

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild / A Comprehensive Musical Geek-Out

Gorgeous featured image “Breath of the Wild” by Xelgot

Rightfully hailed by many as possibly the best game so far in the entire series, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild broke so many LoZ norms in just about every way, while still incorporating many of its characteristic charms. Getting nauseous from all the rotations and astoundingly inventive mechanics in each of the four Divine Beasts, cooking up enough Dubious Food and Hearty Simmered Fruit to feed an army, and crying like a baby at each Champion reunion cut scene… I spent over 150 hours of my life playing this game—UNABASHEDLY—and now I would love to share my thoughts about one of the norm-breaking-yet-still-charming aspects of this wonderful game: the soundtrack.

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New Series ~ DOUBLE-Track Analysis – Brave Frontier & Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Collaboration

Games currently playing: Brave Frontier, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Kingdom Hearts Union Cross, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Two of my favorite mobile games, Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, both announced last week that they’re doing another special collaboration! They had this cross-over last year, and I’m happy that they’re bringing it back, with new additions in both games (new units, and new evolutions, woo hoo!).

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Whimsically Theoretical is 1 Year Old! ^_^ + New Series

Games currently playing: Kingdom Hearts Unchained X/Union Cross, Brave Frontier, Fire Emblem: Awakening

Hello readers! I am so happy to say that today marks the 1-Year Anniversary of Whimsically Theoretical!! Yaaayyy!!! At this time one year ago, I had been writing for a different music website, and while that was a great experience, I wanted to begin focusing on music that I was passionate about, which was not being showcased over there. I decided to take a chance and start my own website, sending cold e-mails and soundcloud messages to video game composers I found online (ADreamer and Schematist were the first two! ^_^). It has been such a beautiful journey, and I have learned quite a lot in just one year!

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Hollow Bastion: A Lesson in Irregular Time Signatures

Special Note: This is the first of many articles to come that will have a full audio track available! Since this article focuses on time signatures and beat divisions, it may be helpful to listen to the audio track and follow along. If you can’t make the time to sit and listen/read the whole thing in one sitting, though, there are shorter audio clips after each musical excerpt shown. The audio track is about 17 minutes long.

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Pokémon Black – Sound Design & Music: An In-Depth Analysis

Out of all of the Pokémon games, Gen V (specifically Black version) was and is my favorite. Although Gen II (specifically Gold version) has a very special place in my heart, being the first Pokémon game I ever played back in 2nd grade, Gen V’s storyline and substantial involvement of gym leaders and rivals as actual, dimensional characters blew me away. If that wasn’t enough to make the game so memorable, it also featured the most adorable and incredibly clever choices in sound design, and also the best music (not by much though) (lookin’ at you, Gen II).

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