Hollow Bastion: A Lesson in Irregular Time Signatures

Special Note: This is the first of many articles to come that will have a full audio track available! Since this article focuses on time signatures and beat divisions, it may be helpful to listen to the audio track and follow along. If you can’t make the time to sit and listen/read the whole thing in one sitting, though, there are shorter audio clips after each musical excerpt shown. The audio track is about 17 minutes long.

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Pokémon Black – Sound Design & Music: An In-Depth Analysis

Out of all of the Pokémon games, Gen V (specifically Black version) was and is my favorite. Although Gen II (specifically Gold version) has a very special place in my heart, being the first Pokémon game I ever played back in 2nd grade, Gen V’s storyline and substantial involvement of gym leaders and rivals as actual, dimensional characters blew me away. If that wasn’t enough to make the game so memorable, it also featured the most adorable and incredibly clever choices in sound design, and also the best music (not by much though) (lookin’ at you, Gen II).

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Across the Generations – Creepy Trainer Notices You! (Pokémon)

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As an adult, one of my favorite aspects of the Pokémon games is the diversity of characters, in terms of ages, interests, and personalities. Although the games are generally aimed towards children living in suburban and city areas, the in-game demographic certainly shows that all kinds of people can be and are Pokémon trainers. And while most characters are not portrayed much deeper than their one defining characteristic/trainer name, there’s enough variety along your journey to keep things interesting.

That said, one of the most peculiar and amusing character types for me was, as you could probably guess from the title of this article, the “creepy” trainer! Although this general type of character appears more so in the later games, the presence of the “creepy” or otherwise socially awkward/nonconforming people showed me as a kid that Pokémon wasn’t meant only for the “cool” kids—even if you were different, “weird”, or had interests that didn’t mesh together with those of other people, you could still be part of the amazing world of Pokémon!

In the Pokémon games, whenever a trainer notices you, he or she always has a special musical theme that plays while making their introductory pre-battle utterance. And as Holly mentioned in our interview, sometimes when minor characters don’t have all that much character development, the music is really what tells us what kind of people they are.

In the spirit of Halloween, let us begin our journey of the next Across the Generations installment, “Creeper Trainer Notices You!”

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Pokémon GO! Soundtrack Review – 7/18/16

With the internet abuzz about the latest Pokémon game, Pokémon GO!, I thought it would be appropriate to pitch in my 2 cents about the game’s limited, but nonetheless entertaining and review-worthy, music! I really, really appreciate the fact that the lovely Mr. Junichi Masuda wrote more music specifically for this mobile game. They could have easily just taken some tracks from the latest games in Gen VI (X & Y), but it’s pretty cool that he wrote exciting, new music! 😀

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Across the Generations – Pokémon Gym Theme

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It’s time for a new theme on Whimsically Theoretical! This article will mark the beginning of a new series that I will be writing, called “Across the Generations”, where I will compare similar themes across different games within a video game series! Today we are going to be talking about one of the most exciting themes in Pokémon: the Gym Theme! As the music that plays when you first enter an institute that, at least in the story mode, contains the most coveted and sought-after items in the game—the badges!—this theme carries a very strong sense of optimistic triumph and urgency, but certainly in the most hopeful way. Continue reading