Instagram Live! Legend of Zelda songs featuring Sydney from SmartGamePiano

I’ve been more active on Instagram lately, and had the pleasure of being a guest on my friend Sydney‘s live stream earlier this evening, where talked about two Legend of Zelda pieces: “Great Fairy Fountain”, from Ocarina of Time, and “Song of Healing”, from Majora’s Mask. Here’s a brief recap of what we covered in our hour-long stream!

Great Fairy Fountain

Pattern Recognition:

  • Straight quarter notes in the main melody
  • Melodic contour
  • Chords – in the three sixteenth notes following each beat within each measure, the notes are the same!


  • same chord, different voicings
    • for example: C-E-G is in root position, then first inversion has E on the bottom, and second inversion has G on the bottom!


The opening of this piece is a Db dominant 7 + 9 chord, with different inversions, going up and up and up!



  • piano is a really good instrument to show register
    • bass/lower register: power! epic, scary
    • treble/higher register: delicate, fairy-like, sparkly
  • piano can contribute so many different feelings and moods because of its incredible range! 88 keys / 7.5 octaves

Song of Healing


  • A section:
    • Lydian mode (maybe!?)
      • IMG_1650.jpg
    • Syncopation
      • melody + accompaniment line up on the downbeat, but accompaniment starts playing on the upbeat
    • Melodically-based
      • the memorable melody occurs in the beginning of this song
  • B section:
    • Major
      • IMG_1649.jpg
    •  Even Rhythms
    •  Harmonically-based
      • more recognizable chords in the second section, not as memorable of a tune as the beginning

We talked about a few other things, answering questions and talking more generally about the musical genius that is Koji Kondo 🙂

Be sure to follow Sydney on Smart Game Piano, and her Instagram of the same name, and please follow me on Instagram as well! ^_^ We may do more of these lives streams together in the future, so stay tuned!

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